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$1.50 per lb., 20 lb minimum, 24-36 hr. turnaround time.


Elena G
Elena G
September 6, 2021.
I went to laundry haven and was approached by Madaline she was super sweet and attentive. Prior to going here I went somewhere else and left because the customer service was terrible. I was so relieved when I walked into laundry haven and met Madeline. Place is super clean. Has a.c and t.vs. This will definitely be my go to laundry mat.
Laura Astore
Laura Astore
August 26, 2021.
This laundry service is very good. Friendly pick up and the clothes came back sorted, neatly folded, and clean.
Adalberto Aponte
Adalberto Aponte
July 5, 2021.




Step 1:
Schedule your laundry pickup from your phone, tablet, or desktop. At the time of your pickup, we’ll send a driver to your location to pick up your laundry.


Step 2:
Your clothes will be cleaned based on your preferences and neatly folded by our expert laundry staff.

Step 3:
We will notify you by email or text to let you know when your order is arriving, delivered to you, for you to enjoy!


Our mission is to provide our customers with the cleanest facilities and best customer service to make Laundry Day a breeze. With options to do your own laundry, drop-off your laundry and let us handle the rest, or arrange for a FREE pickup, laundry never has to get in the way of your plans. A good laundromat is hard to find, luckily there’s Laundry Haven. Schedule A Free Laundry Pick-Up!


At Laundry Haven, we know that laundry is time-consuming, so we have mixed entertainment in to make it more enjoyable. Whether it is watching TV, or playing a game on our Arcade machines, you certainly won’t be bored! Our vending machines provide refreshments and snacks as well as ice cream for a special treat. Schedule A Free Laundry Pick-Up!


Laundry Haven

Laundry Haven


We offer pick-up and laundry drop-off services to and from queens locations within 5 miles of our laundromat in Woodhaven, Queens.


We offer regular and express guaranteed drop-off services to and from queens locations within 5 miles of our laundromat in Woodhaven, Queens.

Laundry Reviews

I’ve been coming here for the past year and a half since I moved to the area and have nothing but good things to say. They’re always open (even on Christmas) and always clean. They have parking as well and if you work a rotating shift like me and can do your laundry on a weekday, there’s plenty of on street parking as well. Quick and convenient to get in and out of and the staff is nice, polite and professional. I like that they use the card system as opposed to quarters and the machines are reasonably priced. My whole household (3 adults) uses this facility for our laundry needs. They do a great job with drop off too. My clothes are always folded to perfection and bagged up very nicely. The manager Joe is a gentleman, honest and does right by his clientele. I highly recommend using Laundry Haven if you’re looking for a regular laundry spot for either drop off or doing it yourself. – Wade W

I brought my laundry here to be cleaned and folded. They did a great job. I also forgot I had left money in my pocket and when I picked up my clothes, it was wrapped in a rubber band with everything. A nice, honest place. Goes a long way. I would recommend Laundry haven. – Mike A

Very clean, lots of machines. Love the vending machines best of all 24hrs very convenient. – Charles K

Great place to do your laundry with 7 new flat screens ! Clean environment and all machines work fast ! One of the better places to do your laundry in the area because it is the nicest laundry mat in the area. Your kids can play and you don’t have to worry about them. Cool music also! And they have there own parking lot which none of the other laundromats have! – Claudia B

This place is Amazing….
They are under new ownership and it really shows from the new interior renovations and customer attention. They also put up @ 10 Large flat screen TVs & a Bose surround sound system which makes being here an amazingly comfortable environment…I can’t wait to come back again and again…. – Alfredo J.B.

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